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Wingshooting is a broad-based category that refers to the hunting of game birds that are in flight. These birds include pheasant, grouse, quail, chukar, partridge, goose, partridge, duck, pigeon, ptarmigan, and dove. There are two types of wingshooting: upland hunting (for non-waterfowl game) and waterfowl hunting. Dogs are generally used to help find and point or flush out the live birds as well as retrieve birds that have been shot down.

The best way to prepare for a successful bird hunt is to practice, practice, practice. Shooting at a bird in flight can be extremely challenging. Trap shooting, skeet shooting, and sporting clays will help to prepare you for a successful hunt, as will learning how to read the flight patterns of the bird you’re hunting. Once you’re at the site of your chosen hunt, your outfitter will likely offer you the chance to “warm up” with the help of sporting clays, and you should always afford yourself of this option when it’s available.

Depending on the hunt, you may be able to bring your own dogs or use the outfitter’s, hunt solely on foot or with the help of a vehicle, or hunt for a variety of birds or a single species. Wingshooting opportunities abound across the globe, and they can often be combined with big-game hunts.

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