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Wild boar are one the most widely distributed land mammals on earth, with a presence across several continents. There are a variety of subspecies of wild boar across its distribution areas, but all of the species share a variety of traits. The pigs live in social, matriarchal societies consisting of females and their young. Once they reach breeding age, males are generally solitary creatures outside of mating season. Wild boars are often considered an invasive species because they can do so much damage to crops and other animals. After whitetail deer, the wild boar is the most hunted game animal in the U.S. They can weigh close to 400 lbs. and reach speeds of 30 mph.

Wild boar can be hunted via spot and stalk or hunting blind/stand. Depending on location, these hunts can be combined with those for a variety of other game. Good shot placement to the vital organs is critical, as an injured wild boar can cause a great deal of damage with its tusks. A caliber of .308 or larger is recommended, along with heavy-grain bullets.

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