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Whitetail deer are the most common North American land mammal, with large populations scattered across the U.S. A medium-sized deer, the whitetail is so named for the white underside of its tail, which it displays when startled as a way to warn other deer of potential danger. Whitetails vary in color from reddish-brown in summer to grayish-brown in winter. Bucks, the only sex with antlers, grow them annually in summer and fall before shedding them each winter. Males can weigh up to 300 lbs, while females are generally at least 30% smaller. Fawns of both sexes are born with the characteristic white spots, which disappear within several months of birth. Does are very protective of their young, and a fawn will often remain in its mother’s care for a year or more.

Whitetails are very fast runners and swimmers, reaching speeds up to 40 mph on land and 13 mph in the water. Because they have such a keen sense of smell, coupled with excellent hearing, hunting whitetail often involves employing a scent-masking product of some kind as well as sitting very quietly for long periods of time. Hunting techniques vary, and include hunting from a tree stand or ground blind as well as stalking, calling, and antler rattling. You can hunt the whitetail deer with your weapon of choice: bow, rifle, black powder, or pistol. We offer whitetail hunts in Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico, Texas, and Wisconsin.

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