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Stone sheep are found throughout British Columbia as well as the southern part of the Yukon Territory. Their coloring can differ greatly depending on region (and various-colored sheep can even be found within the same group), and ranges from nearly white to shades of brown to nearly black. While similar to Dall sheep, stone sheep are generally larger and weigh more. They have beautifully curled horns and feature a darker “cape” of color along their backs. Mature rams can weigh up to 250 lbs., with ewes being a good deal smaller. The lightest-colored of these sheep are also referred to as Fannin sheep.

Stone sheep rely on their natural camouflage and rugged alpine habitat to protect them from predators, blending in with the brush or deftly traversing the rocky terrain when they need to make a quick escape. You’ll need to be in peak physical condition for this hunt, which will take you into extremely rough, high-altitude areas. Sheep hunts are mentally taxing, too, requiring a great deal of waiting and watching. Shots involve a lot of patience and glassing with binoculars and spotting scopes, so high-quality optics are a must. We also advise that you engage in plenty of shooting practice in advance at ranges up to 500 yards from a variety of positions. We recommend a .270 or .30 caliber rifle for most sheep hunts. Stone sheep hunts are generally conducted on horseback and/or via spot and stalk.

Hunts generally last up to 14 days and can be combined with other hunts, so you can bag a variety of trophies, including grizzly, moose, caribou, elk, black bear, mountain goat, or wolf, depending on the time of year.

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