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These majestic beauties are best known for their massive, curling horns and white coats (though their coloring actually ranges from white to light brown). They can be found in the mountain ranges of Alaska, the Yukon Territory, the western part of the Northwest Territories, and parts of British Columbia. The Dall sheep’s rugged habitat provides them with protection from predators who can’t easily navigate the alpine ridges and steep slopes. Rams weigh up to 300 lbs. with heavy, large, deeply curled horns, while ewes are smaller with slender and only slightly curled horns.

Dall sheep are the least difficult of the Grand Slam trophies (a group that comprises the Dall sheep, stone sheep, desert sheep, and Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep) to hunt due to their high numbers and relative ease with which they are spotted and taken, along with the comparatively inexpensive cost to hunt them. That said, don’t underestimate your need for preparation for this hunt. For a successful hunt, it’s absolutely critical that you be in peak physical condition. The terrain is extremely rough, altitudes can reach 9,000 feet, and the hours are long.

We recommend a .270 or .30 caliber rifle for most sheep hunts. Dall sheep hunts are generally 10 to 14 days and are conducted by traveling on horseback and/or on foot with a backpack. You can expect to set up at a base camp and then spike out as needed. Many outfitters also offer the option to harvest grizzly, wolf, caribou, and/or moose, depending on the time of year.

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