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Hunting the so-called “Black Death” or “Widow-Maker” makes for one of the most exciting and dangerous hunts of all African big game. This member of the Big Five may appear docile while grazing within the herd, and its species is certainly prolific in number, but don’t be fooled into thinking bringing one down will be easy. The unpredictable beasts will become highly aggressive if spooked, injured, or otherwise provoked, proving very difficult to bring down even with a well-placed first shot. Weighing up to 1800 lbs, with horn spreads of three to five feet, these powerful bovine gore and kill more than 200 people each year.

A successful Cape buffalo hunt involves plenty of preparation, both mentally and physically. You’ll want to bring along a .375 or .40 caliber rifle and both soft points (for the first shot) and solid points (for follow-up shots), and be highly practiced at shooting straight and true from a variety of positions. Cape buffalo hunts are usually combined with hunts for plains game, leopard, lion, or elephant. They can be hunted in Zambia, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and Tanzania.

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