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The desert sheep is a species of bighorn that’s native to the Southwestern US and Northwestern Mexico. While the desert sheep shares many similarities with others of its bighorn brethren, it has adapted to the dry, arid climate, and can go for long periods without drinking. Mature rams weigh anywhere from 115 to 280 lbs, and their deeply curled horns often measure over three feet in length (females also develop horns, but they tend to be smaller and straighter). These sheep have excellent vision and can easily traverse the rocky terrain of the desert’s mountains, climbing nimbly to escape predators.

Hunting a desert sheep is generally done by “spot and stalk,” and most outfitters abide by the laws governing “fair chase.” Most hunts last from 10 to 14 days and take hunters through extremely rugged terrain as well as temperature and weather extremes. Taking down a desert sheep requires highly skilled marksmanship, as it’s common to shoot 300 to 400 yards across canyons, valleys, or other wide-open spaces. A high-powered scope of 6.5-20X is recommended. You’ll want to engage in plenty of shooting practice in advance at ranges up to 400 yards from a variety of positions, especially the prone position. We recommend a .270 or .30 caliber rifle for most sheep hunts. You can also use a muzzleloader or bow-and-arrow on many hunts.

If you are looking to complete a Grand Slam, it’s likely that the desert sheep is one of the only trophies you still need. Due to the sheep’s limited habitat and high demand, acquiring a desert sheep tag in the U.S. is extraordinarily difficult. In fact, many hunters may wait for years and never receive one. We circumvent these issues by offering hunts for desert sheep in Old Mexico, including Tiburon Island, Carmen Island, Sonora, and the Baja Peninsula. Mexico hunts are considerably more expensive than those in U.S.; but instead of crossing your fingers and waiting for years, you’ll go on an unforgettable hunt of a lifetime that WILL end with you bagging a trophy ram! We handle all CITES export permits, gun permits, etc. for this hunt.

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