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African lions are currently classified as vulnerable (though there is some debate over whether they should be on the endangered list). For this reason, lion hunts have dramatically risen in cost over the years, and opportunities to hunt free-range game are increasingly limited. If you’ve always wanted to bag the King of the Jungle, now is the time!

The lion is the largest of the African cats, weighing in at between 400 and 500 pounds. Both males and females can be hunted. Lions are hunted via baiting or spot-and-stalk methods. They have little fear of man, and are highly unpredictable, nimble, and deadly fast, so an accurate first shot is critical. A poor shot will only anger the lion and may prompt an attack. The high degrees of both danger and challenge make bagging a lion the ultimate trophy for many big-game hunters.

For lion, we offer two types of hunts:

Free-range hunts are offered in South Africa. NO fences exist on the hunting grounds. Hunting by vehicle is allowed, and methods include baiting and spot-and-stalk, as well as a combination of the two. These lions are completely wild, and your chances of bagging one can be lower than on ranch hunts. However, nothing beats the thrill or challenge of a free-range hunt!

We also offer estate or ranch hunts in South Africa. These are lions that are bred, born, and live (killing their own food) on fenced ranches of at least 30,000 acres. These lions have to be hunted on foot—no vehicles allowed. This is the less expensive of the two types of hunts, but is also quite dangerous. Relying only on the spot-and-stalk method of hunting, the lion often is much more aware of potential danger—as well as less afraid of man—than the wild lion, increasing the chances of aggression and attack. In addition, most shots must be taken at extremely close range, so an accurate first shot is critical to success! Use at least a .375 caliber rifle (go larger if you can handle it), and be sure that you are able to shoot it very well!

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