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Water buffalo (also called Asian buffalo) can be hunted in Asia, Australia, Argentina, and the Philippines, as well as in Texas and Florida in the U.S. Australia is generally considered to be the best place to hunt water buffalo. Water buffalo are the largest of all the Bovini tribe (which also includes African buffalo, yak, and bison), with slate-grey to black skin and white markings on their chests. They enjoy wallowing in muddy water and have special splayed hooves to keep them from sinking too deeply into the muck. Despite this, they prefer feeding in grasslands and often seek cover from predators in forested areas. Bulls are quite a bit larger than their female counterparts; both sexes can be hunted.

Weighing up to 2,000 lbs (sometimes considerably more) with horns spanning up to five feet in length, the water buffalo, which will often charge when threatened, is a dangerous animal to hunt. The .338 Winchester Magnum is the minimum caliber recommended to take down this beast, though a .375 H&H is generally your best bet. You can also hunt the water buffalo with a bow—it’s an adventure with even more danger than a rifle hunt. Typically, you’ll hunt via spot and stalk, possibly with the aid of 4WD vehicles and ATVs.

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