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Red stag are male red deer, which are the third largest of the deer species. These animals range from dark red to brown in color (but can turn a duller gray or brown in winter) and can weigh upwards of 500 lbs. The antlers of the red stag weigh up to 11 lbs. and span up to 45 in. Stags and hinds (female red deer) typically only interact during mating season, during which the red stag’s roars and grunts can be heard as the stags compete for mates. Though rutting behavior often includes displays of dominance such as roaring contests and parallel walking, physical altercations can occur, and when they do, serious injury or death of one of the involved males can result.

Red stag can be hunted in various locales throughout the world. New Zealand is perhaps the most popular place to hunt red stag; however, the deer can also be hunted on nearly every continent. The methods for hunting red stag are nearly as prolific as their hunting grounds: spotting and stalking or hunting from a blind with a bow, rifle, handgun, or black-powder gun are among the options. Depending on where you choose to travel, you can usually combine these hunts with a variety of other local game. You’ll want, at minimum, a 7mm rifle, and you should be comfortable shooting it at ranges up to 200 yards.

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