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This subspecies of ibex is also sometimes called the Tien Shan ibex due to the populations that roam the Tien Shan mountain range. The largest of the ibex, these goats can weigh upwards of 285 lbs, and both sexes have massive curled horns that can reach four to five feet in length. Coloration is very different from that of the Siberian and Gobi ibexes. In winter, most adult males are a cinnamon-brown color of varying intensity with a dark, well-developed dorsal stripe and a light-colored saddle patch. Females seldom have a saddle patch. However, colors, markings, seasonal color changes, and horn length can vary widely among this subspecies, even in animals of the same herd. Females and offspring herd together, while males live in solitude or in bachelor herds, only joining the females during mating season. Ibex are extremely nimble and make their way over the mountain cliffs with ease, thanks to cloven hooves and an exceptional jumping ability.

Populations are healthy in Kyrgyzstan and chances of bagging a trophy are near 100%–if you’re physically and mentally prepared for the hunt! Hunting will be conducted by a combination of horseback riding, climbing, and hiking. The terrain is steep and rough, so being in top physical condition is key to a successful and enjoyable experience. You’ll glass the hills and mountains for trophies and then stalk your prey on foot.

Bring warm clothes, high-quality binoculars, a range finder, and a flat-shooting rifle of at least .270 to .300 caliber that you can shoot extremely well at ranges up to and beyond 400 yards. Ibex hunts are usually combined with hunts for Marco Polo sheep.

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